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''Wayne simply changes lives for the better''

Wayne simply changes lives for the better, Wayne has certainly achieved that with my personal development, which in turn has flowed through to the tribe here at GoHomesFamily

Amazing and thanks again


Oliver Hookway FCCA MAAT
Chief Executive Officer

"I would highly recommend your services"

I wanted to send gratitude for the support you have given me over the past 3 months. I have found our sessions (and support) very professional, informative, and progressive for my personal and work development, which is paying dividends throughout the business and my personal life.


They have assisted me to crystallise/organise my thoughts with a sound mind to flutter ideas with, positive or negative. Either way you seem to have just the words to settle and be productive.


I would highly recommend your services and look forward to our ongoing work moving forward together.


With Regards


Simon Steel

Projects Director

Arcforce Engineering

''Time and money well spent''
Our Sales team are mostly late 20s and early 30s, many with sports backgrounds. We were looking for a partner that could combine training across both physical and mindset performance.


Wayne researched thoroughly, building a customised day for us that focused on our outcomes. The first session concentrated on mental preparation and communication techniques, stimulating a lot of debate and questions from the team. The second session covered nutrition, sleep and physical preparation - how we could individually raise our games.


Overall, Wayne's curiosity and focus on our team led to a highly practical day where everyone gained. Thanks Wayne - time and money well spent

Andy Baillie

Director of Sales, International



''[Wayne] has enabled me to do my job more effectively and deliver better results to my Director''

"I was stunned at how accurately my Insights Discovery profile detailed my personal attributes. More importantly, with Wayne’s expert guidance I have been able to harness the knowledge gained to work more effectively, and start to overcome difficulties in my workplace. As someone who has just taken a job with a foreign company setting up in the UK, I was struggling with a culture clash, and having to learn management styles I was not used to. I now have a much more strategic and considered approach to working within the company, which has enabled me to do my job more effectively and deliver better results to my Director."


Nick Francis
Motoring Journalist (Sun News Paper)

"Thanks for all your help"

Thanks for all your help with me over my championship season.

Valle Makella

Formula Ford Champion and Breaker of Jenson Buttons record of wins in Formula Ford

''Sincere gratitude''

I’d like to put in writing my sincere gratitude to my coach Wayne, for his help and guidance over the last year of my business career. Wayne has become a close loyal friend largely because he has taken the time to listen, take stock of current problems and has carefully worked out solutions tailored to the individual person’s profile. Wayne has encouraged me to think differently, and more importantly, understand other peoples way of thinking which in turn has enabled me to be a more rounded business person. If you are looking for someone who is genuine, who wants to make a difference to peoples lives and has proven results, then Wayne is 100% your man.

Ed Casson

Group Sales Director

''You're a genius"

Wayne, it's amazing, something has shifted for sure, people are noticing it too. Thanks so much for helping me Wayne, I've done quite a few things recently I never would have done without your help, and have learnt so much about myself! You're a genius.


Christian Ballard

Music Producer

''Skills and the ability to help''

I was initially introduced to Wayne when my Company starting using his services for personal development.

It became apparent that Wayne had the skills and the ability to help me with my needs.

I have also had few personal issues over the years and the therapy methods used considerably help. 

Clive Hitchcock HNC Eng

Construction Director

''Referred many clients to Wayne''

People come to me for weight loss but sometimes diet and exercise isn’t enough. Stress, anxiety, emotional eating and negative beliefs all stand in the way of my clients goals. I’ve referred many clients to Wayne in order to cure these symptoms with great success. The mind is a powerful thing and getting it working positively is crucial 

Nick Helm PT - Challenge Gym

'His sessions never fail to help me open my eyes''

“I always enjoy meeting with Wayne. His sessions never fail to help me open my eyes and see things in different light. I’ve found this to be particularly beneficial in the workplace where there are so many different personality types – Figuring out how to deal with each one can be challenging and sometimes frustrating. Wayne has helped me understand how different people “tick” and enabled me to break down barriers which would previously have stunted my professional development. I look forward to the next session!”


Jon Orme
Buyer, Go Homes

''Wayne's Therapy methods helped with my fear''

Wayne helped me with some Hypnotherapy the day before I went into surgery. I was incredibly anxious about the procedure and the pain to follow. I was, at first, quite reluctant to try the Hypnotherapy as I was a bit of a sceptic. But I instantly felt at ease with the process and came out of it feeling confident about the day ahead.

To say I was shocked with the outcome would be an understatement. Wayne's Hypnotherapy methods helped me with not only my anxiety going into the surgery, but also helped me with my physical pain afterwards. I was in no discomfort at all and I belive that is all down to the Hypnotherapy.


Hypnotherapy Client

About Wayne Vincent

Wayne Vincent is a seasoned business leader, mentor and therapist with over 30 years of experience. He has experience in a variety of industries, including construction, technology, finance, and health. Wayne is a certified mentor and has a proven track record of helping business clients achieve their goals.

How to get started with mentoring:

If you are interested in learning more about mentoring, please contact Wayne Vincent at 

or Call / WhatsApp 07973210309  We offer a complimentary 1-2-1 consultation to explore your needs.

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