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Workshops and Seminars

For Team Growth and Business Profitability
Communication & Collaboration
Understanding and Communicating with your team more effectively (4 hour Seminar / Workshop)

''Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom'' – Aristotle

Communication is one of the most important building blocks of developing an effective, profitable and happy team.

Key to this is understanding the personalities of the team, including our own. Understanding that what makes us "tick" maybe different to what makes our colleagues "tick" is fundamental to team growth and understanding.

By the end of this workshop each delegate will:

  • Have a greater understanding of themselves and how they are seen by others

  • Be able to begin to use their strengths in a more effective way

  • Understand and learn to cope with personal blind spots and weaknesses

  • Be able to turn a weakness into a strength

  • Understand other colleagues at another level

  • Improve team communication

  • Connect with customers at a deeper level

  • Be more productive

  • Add value to and be an asset for the business​

Insights type wheel

We use real world analogies and experiences to help you better understand and learn about your team and collegues

​Consider having a FREE profile from us, we offer one free per business.

Stress Management -

Developing a Mindset and Strategy for stress control  
(4 hour Seminar / Workshop)

Stress, to put it simply is the gap between the tasks & responsibilities you have and the the resources you have available to you. 

For example :

If you have too many responsibilities (tasks) and not enough time (resources) you are likely are going to experience stress

If you have a challenging job or role (task) and do not have the experience or support (resources) again, you are likely going to experience stress.

By not addressing stress within your business, the team will be unnecessarily drained of energy, distracted, and have a poorer performance.

For the health of the team and the business, stress has to be managed.

By the end of this workshop each delegate will learn

  • What are the main causes of stress 

  • The effects of stress on the body and mind

  • How to identify stress "creeping up"

  • Notice stress in others and how to assist and help

  • Have a unique personal "toolbox" for dealing with stress

  • Learn how techniques like cold therapy, meditation and exercise work in clearing stress

  • How to build up resilience to stress



Again, we use real world stories, analogies and experiences to help you better understand and learn what action to take

Once we control stress, in our experience, new levels of personal growth, understanding, productivity and creativity present themselves.

Creativity and Problem Solving

Creativity really can be learned & Problems solved more easily 

Did you know that creativity can be learned and improved? It certainly can. Our brains are a wonder of nature, problem solving is the major reason that our species climbed above all others. Our brains are full of neural pathways, as we get better at something through practice, these pathways strengthen. They then work faster and more creatively by linking with other neurones. 

By the end of this workshop, each delegate will:


  • Learn how to create a mindset for creativity and problem solving

  • Learn how types of brainwaves have the greater effect on creativity and how to access them

  • Learn to visualise more clearly

  • Learn the techniques used by Einstein, Tesla and Edison to develop creativity & problem solving

Team Problem Solving.png

Creativity and Problem Solving is a trait that humans were born with. Over the years, unfortunately many tend to lose it, our world is "left brain" biased, but it's the "right brain" that we need to develop for creative thinking. By actively working on this, just like a muscle, it strengthens and develops and improves

Personal Peak Performance
Developing new skills and resourceful ways of thinking 

Is there dissonance between who we are now and ultimately who we want to be? For most the answer is yes. It could be that we want the skills to be a better person, manager, have a better work life balance. Some manage it, some don't, we look at what it takes to really develop into the person we want to be.

By the end of this workshop each delegate will learn

  • To understand who you are

  • To understand what skill you may need in the future

  • How to manage and increase energy levels

  • How to work with those around them for mutual growth 

  • How to collaborate for better results 

  • How the past experiences have shaped them both good and bad and how to overcome them

  • How learning from an event is the most important thing

  • How to use visualisation techniques for faster results

  • How to add value and gain from it​

“Know who you are, and be it. Know what you want, and go out and get it!” ​-Caroll Bryant

Facilitated seminars are the fastest way of getting a team up to speed on realising and releasing their potential. 

Preparation for our workshops always begins with discussions with stake holders as to what the clear objectives the Business wants to achieve from them

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