For the Team

Wayne Vincent

"Individual commitment to a group effort – that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilisation work"

– Vince Lombardi.

For the whole business to be successful it's team must work together effectively and productively. But developing and growing those teams can be the most challenging and rewarding experience that any business director or manager can have.


Having an effective team will enable a business or project to move forwards at a geometric rate and create a working environment that staff look forward to being part of. Having an ineffective team can cause stress, illness, loss of profit and even the eventual collapse of the business.

Take a look at any of the world's most successful sports teams and what they have in common is an understanding of:

  • The natural strengths and skills of the management

  • The natural strengths and skills of the members of the team

  • Which member of the team is best suited to which role

​In Business it's exactly the same philosophy.



Through a combination of individual profiling and inhouse workshops tailored to suit your business and budget, I will with you to deliver a team development strategy which will:

  • Allow you to take an objective look at your teams

  • Encourage individuals within the business to grow and develop in the right area

  • Improve your relationships with your team and enable them to perform better

  • Know that your staff are in the right roles

  • Empower your staff

  • Anable staff to understand the role of the management and Directors


It's surprisingly easy to transform the way your staff work, and make your business more efficient. Find out what I can do within key areas of your business;


  • Team growth

  • Mentoring

  • Sales

  • Marketing

  • Human resources

  • Finance and administration

BUSINESS Consultation

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Having a neutral perspective from someone outside of your business can be a cue to make those changes that you may have wanted to do for a while now. You may want to have some fresh input to the direction of the business or challenges that you may be facing.

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