Find Yourself Wobbling?

Everyone gets a wobble at some point so what can we do?

1. Recognise it

2. Thank it for telling you something needs changing or working on.

3. Look at the last 1-3 weeks and see if you've been following your personal performance plan, what pattern do you see? (More personal performance plan ideas being posted this monday)

4. What have I been doing too little of? E.g. sleep, good nutrition, water, meditation, downloading, planning etc.

5. What have I been doing too much of E.g hours without breaks, days without time off, too many drinks etc.

6. Take action, do something asap, ideally now, go for a brisk walk, meditate, have some quality nutrition, book a weekend away, make new plans.

7. Talk to a good friend, colleague or coach or therapist to......

8. Learn and impliment the changes

(9 perhaps review your idea of slacklining at 2000ft!)

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