Why we all need a Coach or Mentor...

........and the difference between the 2.

Here at Wayne Vincent Coaching and Consulting, we discussed this and we don't think we have met anyone who claims that there is no area that they need to develop or improve, whether it is self confidence, organisational ability or areas of improvement within the team. Jung believed that growth was a lifelong process, he called this ''Individuation'' or becoming ''whole''

Ok, back to the practical...

Is there an area of self development that has been holding you or your team back, how long has it held you back? Well, imagine yourself along your future timeline another week, a month or a year without improving that particular area, how does it feel? I'll leave that there for your to ponder.

A coaches main job is to help the individual or team to take a good objective look at themselves and ask the question ''what is the main area that I / we can improve to aid our growth or achieve a particular goal'' The next step is to collaborate on setting up a strategy to improve and develop that area. Understanding and listening to the client is the most important part, missing what may seem just a small detail could be the difference between success or failure.

Coach or Mentor

A Coach is usually adept in a particular area, think of an athlete, he or she may have a strength and conditioning coach, a nutritional coach etc. They focus on a specific area and goal.

A Mentor is usually a coach who has more experience than in one particular area, they tend to be older, had themselves the experience of knocks and bruises and can see a bigger picture. They have the ability to ''home in'' on areas that need attention using their ''intuition'' that they have developed over a long period.

Being in a position of responsibility can be at times a lonely role. You're supposed to have all the answers. Having someone outside of the business to discuss issues and goals with or simply download to is both productive for the business and therapeutic for the person.

Wayne Vincent Consulting offers both coaching and mentoring.

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