Seeing time differently to achieve a better outcome?

As a timeline coach and therapist we see time a little differently than most. We have techniques which allows our clients to see and understand time in a way which can have a significant beneficial effect on the outcome of a task or more importantly, a project.

Most people see a task or project in the future at some specified point. They then plan the steps to achieve the desired outcome.

How can we improve on this way of doing things?

How about looking at time in reverse?

Try this technique.

Think about a project that you need to complete by a certain date.

(you can record yourself saying this and listen to it as instructions)

Now. Close your eyes and take a deep breath.

Allow yourself to float into the future to the day after you completed the project.

From where you are now, begin to look back along your timeline from the completion of the project to the day when work began.

As you look back from the future to now, notice the key points, how they were achieved, who achieved them, what the challenges were, how you overcame them.

Don't be in any hurry, take your time and allow your unconscious to bring those key point to you.

Take a deep breath, open your eyes and write down the key points and learnings from that session.

Use this technique every day or so and notice the difference in the "flow" of the project.



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