Reframing the "Fuel Crisis"

Extracting Opportunity from Crisis.

The Energy Crisis is on everyone’s mind. Unlike households, there is no price cap on increases to businesses when your current contracts expire.

I’ve seen people speculating that businesses could be paying 2 or 3 times more for energy and in some cases higher.

This is significant especially for high energy usage business but affects all, as virtually all our suppliers will be increasing their cost if supplies to our businesses.

Rather than panicking, reframing this to motivate yourself to review your products or services and the prices you charge for them, opportunities to sell to a new market, ways to decrease your overheads.

This should be a time where you and your team have a natural common goal.

Surviving and Thriving.

Brainstorm in these difficult times together with your team to produce a better product or service, a new market, decluttering the business and grow both personally and as a business / team.

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