Potential ?

Why are so many people not using it?

During my many years coaching I’ve seen so much unused potential in people and teams.

Why isn’t it used?

Heres are 4 possibles.

1.Lack of self belief. Most people not using their potential simply don’t believe in themselves. This lack self belief could simply be that they don’t understand how to use their strengths or even what they are. The other reason could be self confidence. At some point they’ve taken a battering, had some negative experiences or feedback. Brain storming this with a good coach can unearth things that can be worked on, developed and improved.

2. Not collaborating. Getting the most out of ourselves is greatly helped by collaborating with like minded people, this opens up new ideas and can increase confidence, they also can compliment your skills with theirs.

3.Lack of upskilling. This is an interesting one. When thinking about a new project, business or perhaps personal career development, we have to look at the skills we may need, ie if your new venture requires an ability to present or sell your idea and this is an area where you don’t feel strong, you may need to expand your skill level and comfort zone by finding training that will increase your skill set in that area, modelling someone who has those skills that you need can be a great help.

4. Not having a clear of vision and strategy. Having a clear vision of what you want to achieve and working with others to collaborate on a strategy to achieving that vision, that vision by the way doesn’t have to be as grand as starting a new business, It could be simply wanting to get a promotion. Clearly seeing what you want, brainstorming and working with others to put the steps together greatly enhances your chance of achieving it.

Potential. You have much more that you could possible imagine.

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