Personal Peak Performance Plans

We all, throughout our lives, have times when we seem to be flowing and feeling good, both at work and in our private lives. But then, at others times, we can have anything from a wobble to a full-on crisis. This, in my opinion, has little to do with luck.

During these highs and positive states, we are doing things that serve us and make us feel good. But during the lows, we are doing things that do not serve us and ultimately make us feel bad.

When I’m working with clients, I like to work on a Peak Performance Plan so that the client knows what makes them tick well.

Here is an example.

Martin says he’s happier and achieving more when he’s doing these things regularly

1. Getting 8 hours of sleep

2. Meditating (guided) 15min at the end of his work day before home.

3. Getting small nutritious meals in every 3 hours of so

4. Working out 3 times a week.

5. Downloading / collaborating with a good colleague, friend or coach.

6. Socialising, catching up with friends.

7. Making / building things with his hands.

Now these are the main things he has to watch out for, the counter productive things.

1. Watching tv too late into the night.

2. Socialising till late too often.

3. Dwelling on negatives.

4. Keeping troubles or concerns inside.

5. Not having a plan or knowing next steps.

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