Overcoming Fear, Alex Honnold's Way

Alex Honnold could be described as a real life Spiderman. He's climbed heights like El Capitan and Half Dome in Yosemite National Park. But what sets him apart from other climbers is that he climbs WITHOUT ROPES! Alex's fantastic film "Free Solo" available on Amazon Prime is one of my favourite documentaries. It tells of how Alex controls his fears and trains to climb the 3200 ft El Capitan in Yosemite. It takes him years of research and practice to hone his skills and to overcome his fears.

Discussing Fear, Alex tells how he controls his mind.

He says he expands his comfort zone by practicing something over and over and working through the fear, its clear that this is both a physical practice and a mental practice (visualisation)

"I need to dial it in so much that it doesn’t matter if there was a stadium of people watching" Alex Honnold

Visualisation techniques are numerous, but one of the best that I use myself and with clients is for them to visualise watching themselves doing the action, seeing themselves in the "frame" in a kind of "movie" Watching themselves from all angles and seeing possible problems and opportunities and how you are dealing with them. This is incredibly helpful in having a successful "visualisation session"

One more tip....

As your visualising successfully completing the task, add a physical anchor by touching the index and thumb finger tip together, this helps anchor "confidence" and strengthens the neural pathways.

It takes practice, and you will get better at it, and it is one of the best investments in personal development that I know of.

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