Image Streaming. The KEY to achieving more?

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

Have you ever had a mental block when trying to find the solution to a problem be it work, business, sport, relationships?

Well, I'm pretty sure we could all remember at least one time.

Have you then woken up the next day with a ''light bulb moment'' and suddenly the solution to the problem is a clear as day?

I'm also pretty sure we have all had that too.

Well, thank your unconsious mind for working on that while you slept!

Some of the greatest creative minds like those of Tesla and Eistein were day dreamers, creative thinkers, Tesla could design a motor, then ''in his mind, in his imagination'' run the motor and see any problems it may have before it was even built!

Einstein imagined riding on a beam of light to help him create his Theory of Relativity.

What if you could have that ''on tap''? Well actually we do and its within our grasp. I'm not saying you'll come up with a new theory of relativity or be able to do it with as much detail as Tesla, but really who knows what potential lies with us? one thing is for sure, its greater than we will likely ever use.

One of the techniques we teach and use with our clients is Image Streaming.

Image streaming stimulates your unconscious mind to bring creative solutions to consciousness, a documented proven by product of this is actualy an increase in IQ!

Image Streaming was developed by a relatively unknown Genius called Win Wenger, even though he wrote some 40 books, in the field of coaching he is relatively unknown, Win passed away earlier this year (2021)

Image Steaming has a number of techniques, but in its simplest it form consists of asking yourself the question that needs answering or problem that needs solving, then taking 15 just minutes out of your day, with your eyes closed (listening to relaxing music helps too) you then allow your unconscious mind to take you on an imaginary journey that your unconscious creates for you while describing each event to yourself out load along the way (describing out load is crucial in this process) , the journey ends with the solution to the problem or answer to your question or at the very least, the next step towards it.

Having coached for well over 30 years, this is head and shoulders above any other method that I've ever come across. I use it myself and wouldn't be without it, its permanently in my tool box.

If you'd like further to try image streaming and need some help, let me know.


Peak performance coach

Wayne Vincent Consulting

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