Therapy, is a form of treatment aimed at relieving emotional distress and mental health problems. These problems are so common that its likley most will be effected by them at some point.

Remember its common, your not alone! I have worked with clients on deeper issues with great success for many years

Just Talk

Even some of the most difficult issues can be improved or resolved just by talking. Although talking does make a difference by just downloading or venting, during conversation this we uncover blockages and come up with usefull stratergies and ways forward and past those blockages, some are even very obvious.



What is Hypnosis?

Or, better yet, what isn't Hypnosis?

Hypnosis isn't what you see a ''stage hypnotist/magicians do'' ie making a bit of a fool of someone from the audience (usually a very well chosen person).

Do you often daydream? Let your mind wonder? listen to music? remember that lovely holiday?

You may well be doing it now!

That's light Self Hypnosis, you've kind of put yourself in a light trance!

Hypnosis (light trance hypnosis) allows you to relax and begin to switch you conscious mind off.

You are ALWAYS in control within your sessions.

Once you are in a light trance, with your conscious mind relaxed, it becomes very easy to give positive suggestions to the unconscious mind. This allows you to overcome problems, clear fears  or phobias, or give self confidence and self belief. Its also incredibly relaxing and good for the  body too.

Timeline Therapy

Clearing negative experiences.

These are events or thoughts from the past that are negative or painful. Everything from a business failure to a fearful experience can be cleared very successfully with TGI, putting the event in a clear perspective, removing emotional content and providing a fresh beginning.

Making better decisions.

Making the right decision can be tough, then add in the emotional content and it seems to double in complexity. Buy using Timeline work, we can help eleviate the emotional aspect, which can get in the way of making a clear decision.

Goal setting

Using Timeline Work, I can help you clearly imagine floating into your future, to see yourself achieving your goals. But, most importantly, I can help you look back from that time to the present, clearly seeing all the steps and hurdles that it took to accomplish the your goals.

BUSINESS Consultation

Business Consultation for Owners, Directors & Management.

Call for yourComplimentary

 1-2-1 consultation

Having a neutral perspective from someone outside of your business can be a cue to make those changes that you may have wanted to do for a while now. You may want to have some fresh input to the direction of the business or challenges that you may be facing.