I love questions and I love to answer them. Below are a few of the most common.

Frequently asked questions

Is coaching right for me?

I'll answer a question with a question. Is there something you'd like to change? Clear up the past? Have a more postive future? Overcome challenges that your currently "stuck" on? If you answered yes to any of these, Coaching would help.

My business is very specific, how could you help without knowing my industry?

The basis of any good business is the mindset of those involved in it. Usually, you and your staff know the answers to most of what's needed; to make the experience of running a busines a positive thing. The issue is, how do you get into the right mindset? And how do you get your staff into the right mindset? I give real life solutions, not a "get em pumped up" motivational talk that fizzles out after a few days; but a new way of thinking. Problem solving and self motivation that you and your staff can use both inside and outside of the business.

Hypnosis? the thought of it is a bit scary!

Hypnosis is simply another way of having an "altered state." We have altered states many times throughout the day, meditation, day dreaming, prayer, they are all related. Hypnosis is simply a way to calm the conscious mind and allow the unconcious mind to take in positive suggestions, suggestions that have a positive effect on our daily lives.

How many sessions does it take?

This depends on what the outcome is that you want. If you have a fear, phobia, anxiety or want to clear bad memories, this can take just a few (or a couple!) sessions to get very good results. Some people like to have regular coaching whether its weekly monthly etc. Many business owners like to download and discuss issues weekly, some even twice weekly.

What is timeline therapy?

Timeline therapy was developed by an amazing Nlp & Hypnosis Trainer called Tad James in the US during the early 90's. Timeline Therapy happens to be one of my favourite techniques. I use it on clients that may have traumatice memories, fears and phobias. It is HIGHLY effective and painless. Timeline therapy is a mild form of hypnosis, where the client talks about, for instance a traumatic event from the past in which he or she keeps replaying the event, this is done while looking at the event from a great distance so not to associate to it or bring back any of the negative emotions from it, then over a period of just a few minuets, all the negative emotions disapear, leaving a neutral feeling when thinking about the event. Some say its almost miraculous how their perception of an event can disapear.