Support for Businesses

Collaborate and Achieve more 


Our workshops are a great starter to assist your team with the basics of self-understanding, teamwork, goal setting, challenges within the organisation, communication and much more, Read More....


A top executive can occupy, at times a lonely challenging role, however

Having an executive coach onboard for you or your key staff will:

  • Give you a sounding board outside of the business and you understand yourself

  • Work with you on goals and long term strategies and help you hit your targets

  • Ensure that you are looking after yourself and those important to you

  • Help you communicate more effectively and reduce stress

  • Provide an ally at the end of the phone   Read More....

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Alchemy Group membership is ultimately a group of professionals sharing

knowledge in order for members to learn, grow encourage and support

other members of the group in their quest to be a better version of themselves both professionally and personally   Read More....

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Preparation is key to a great Seminar

Working with people and teams, helping them to overcome bottlenecks, to achieve more, to have a better environment. All this is a rewarding experience and feeling...... Unleashing unrealised potential.