Support for Businesses




Working together, we can help you and your team to uncover what the strengths are within the business, what the possible weaknesses and issues are, and then help you devise a plan to get the team and business to a point of sustainable, enjoyable growth. 

Through a series of 1-2-1 sessions, staff meetings and if required, seminars, we aim to achieve this goal together.

Executive Coaching

Its been proven time and time again, an executive who can download and brainstorm outside of the work environment will be happier, able to work better, and have a positive effect on the business, those around them and at home too. It could mean substantially more profit for the business, less stress and a greater feeling of well being.

It can be tough at the top, but it doesn't have to be. It can be and should be an enjoyable and rewarding life.

Having someone in your corner who has over 20 years of business, people and coaching experience to discuss work or work life issues and balance can be an incredibly liberating experience.

I will also with you and your key staff to discuss problems and opportunities with as well as help with personal development and simply to help get you to your peak and keep you there.

Team Development

"Individual commitment to a group effort – that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilisation work"

– Vince Lombardi. - Ledendary Multi NFL Winning US Football Coach

For the whole business to be successful it's team must work together effectively and productively. But developing and growing those teams can be the most challenging and rewarding experience that any business director or manager can have.

Through seminars and 1-2-1 sessions, we begin to bring teams closer together, understanding each persons abilities, and create a culture where there is more candour, open and honest feedback and an ever better environment to work in.


You find the right person for the job; enthusiastic, the right skills for the role, but then what?

What happens far too often they are left alone until something goes wrong. Unless that new person is a superman or woman they will still require support and benefit from the experience of others.

Being in, or putting someone in, a position of responsibility can be a tough and at times lonely role, sometimes you're responsible for a lot, sometimes you're responsible for everything!

To get the best of of people, we have to invest in them, time, training and support.

Some team members have deeper issues stopping them from being their best, effecting their ability to focus on a task, projects or work in general. We can devise strategies to help these people fellow team members.

  Key points that Leaders could do well to focus on


1. Giving the team certainty. A feeling of trust within the business from the top down.

2. Giving the team an element of variety or fun and enjoyment and reward.

3. Developing a team that listens to one another, is candid and implements improvements.

4. Helping people to grow.

5 Assisting the team member to get into the right role to use their strengths