Q - How can we continue our personal, business and professional growth and development while getting new ideas and encouragement to succeed?

A - Wayne Vincent's Alchemy Group

Wayne developed the Alchemy concept after many years of delivering consulting, coaching and therapy.

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Alchemy Membership Group 

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Sept 2022
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After many years of working with individuals and teams, it became clear that the single biggest issue people faced was not lack of knowledge in a particular role itself, but the real challenge was getting over those roadblocks that people create in their own minds.

From this, Alchemy Group was born.

Alchemy Group membership is ultimately a group of professionals sharing

knowledge in order for members to learn, grow encourage and support

other members of the group in their quest to be an even better version of


The membership includes.

A monthly 2 hr Seminar discussing : 

- Theories and practical techniques for achieving more in business

and life


- Upskilling for personal and business growth.

- Understanding how the mind works.

- How to improve communication with colleagues and the team.

- Building better relationships.

- Looking at how to achieve ever better work/life balance.

- Planning & time management techniques.

- Q&A sessions and personal experiences.

- Understanding your own unique personality profile and how to make

the best of it.


- Downloadable audios to help you get focused on your day, week or

task, and relaxation audios as well.

- Access to online videos discussing ways of thinking and techniques

to overcome problems and achieve more.

- Weekly email tips

- Mid-month refocus.  Audio, video, email and text, with refreshers from the last seminar and areas being covered in the next.

- Priority booking and discounts for optional extras below.



- Twice yearly ''warrior'' days, which are a single day or weekend of learning, coaching and experiencing things out of our comfort zones with the intention of expanding our comfort zones and building confidence.

- Small group training. Within the group there are people facing similar challenges, be it team issues, leadership, confidence, time management, marketing issues, sales etc. We have smaller more intimate group training sessions for groups of around 8-10 these are usually 90 min sessions. A fee is charged for these extra activities 

Hot drinks and snacks are provided for all seminars and small group sessions

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