Our Philosophy

A powerhouse of potential


I have worked with individuals and teams for well over 20 years.

During that time the one main thing that seems to be right across the board is that they are likely a powerhouse of unused potential.

Why is it unused? well, the journey began to search for answers to that question. Finding the answers caused me to create Wayne Vincent Consulting. WVC is in some ways the culmination of a life's work, finding answers and then, most importantly implementing those learnings.

Along this road of personal, team and individual discovery, I have found out by trial and error (that's the only way we learn btw) that there are patterns that repeated themselves in every business, they were :

Lack of -




Upskilling and personal and team development.

Vision and goals.

This led to reduced profits, reduced enjoyment and increased stress and even health implications.

With this said, every business is individual, but they all experience these traits and patterns to a lesser or greater degree.

Through a series of discovery sessions we unearth the underlying issues, understand the strengths and design a strategy to put the team and individual on the path to sucess.

Time to take action and unleash the trapped potential of the team?

Oh yes, our philosophy... "Know that more lies within...Invest in releasing it" - Wayne Vincent

Complimentary BUSINESS Consultation

Business Consultation for Owners, Directors & Management.

90 min

Having a neutral perspective from someone outside of your business can be a cue to make those changes that you may have wanted to do for a while now. You may want to have some fresh input on the direction of the business or challenges that you may be facing.