The Full Story!


I have been involved in coaching most of my adult life. It all started at a very young age with martial arts. I picked it up very quickly and then assisted teaching it.

In 1987 I had the opportunity (at just 19) to move to and work in the Netherlands (Holland) with my partner Christine.

Over the next 7 years I worked in a number of Dutch businesses and on an American airbase in the Netherlands (Camp new Amsterdam) which is where my passion for coaching and strategy started. In 1994 we made a business plan to open a Fitness centre and move back to the UK. 

Starting a business at 26 with little knowledge and support was at times "challenging" but with tenacity, we achieved a successful business which we still own and run today some 27 years later, that experience led me to spend more time helping individuals on their journey of self development.

During the last 27 years the most important change that we've seen is the development in the mental or the psychological side of coaching, to start with in sports and fitness (which is where I started) to the personal development and business side of coaching which is my main focus now.

Over the last 11 years my passion for coaching has developed to a point where it uses up most of my time, wether its researching and developing new strategies or systems, coaching individuals, therapy or giving seminars on improving personal growth and team performance.

enjoyer of outdoor eating (vegan).jpg

Enjoyer of outdoor eating! (Veggie)


Seminar presenter

climbing wall.jpeg

Very amateur climber!

wayne mechanic.jpg

Fixer of stuff

Diy home.jpg

Builder of paths

mountain biker.jpg


rock lookalike !.jpg

''The Rock'' lookalike!

creator of ideas.jpg
creator of ideas 2.jpg
motorcycle nut.jpg

Rider of motorcycles

Designer of projects

amature chiropractor!.jpg

Amature chiropractor ;)

martial arts instructor 2.jpg

Martial arts instructor

martial arts instructor 3.jpg

Krav Mag Instructor

taker of massages!.jpg

Reciever of massages!

mad dog guy.jpg

Dog seat!

Helping people and businesses grow is our greatest passion. If you or your team are looking to ''get the edge'' or to simply hear about new techniques and strategies, simply contact me for a free consultation.

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