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Balancing a successful business and life can be a tremendous challenge, I know first-hand. But by changing priorities, working to our strengths, understanding and collaborating with our team or delegating jobs and tasks that can be done better by others, we can achieve growth and a better work / life balance.

I've made it my mission in life to learn and understand new, old and alternative ways to use our minds, work with our business, team and colleagues. But for me, it's not just to learn what works; it's deep with my DNA to coach, consult and pass these ways of thinking onto you.

Our focus is to work with businesses, staff, teams and the senior management.

I, along with my small team, have designed numerous workshops, seminars and one to one training sessions. These are all designed to help you to get past your professional and/or personal roadblocks and bottle necks.

A significant evolution to our services is our forthcoming Red Torch Group.

It became clear to me, after many years of working with individuals and teams, that the biggest issue people faced was not lack of knowledge in a particular role itself. The real challenge was getting over those roadblocks, created in the mind of the individual. 

Red Torch membership is ultimately a group of professionals sharing knowledge, in order for members to learn, grow encourage and support other members of the group in their quest to be an ever better version of themselves.








30 min - Free Consultation

I offer a free 30 min consultation to individuals and 1 hr for Businesses.  Either over the phone (personal) or in person.  

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